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Discovery Center of YiLan

  Yilan City is at the prosperous center of east Taiwan’s Lanyang Plain. The City borders on Jhuangwei Township to the north, Yuanshan Township to the west, Wujie Township to the south across the Lanyang River, and Jiaoxi Township to the north. Yilan City is the hub of Yilan County’s transportation and main activities.

  Yilan region was subsumed to the Qing Dynasty in 1810 A.D. under Jiaqing Emperor, who established a formal administration office at Wuwei (where the current Yilan City locates) in 1812 and completed the city wall construction in 1813. Within a few years, as the basic infrastructure were ready, the City assumed the role of Lanyang Plain’s political, economic, cultural and educational center. As Taiwan was liberated from Japanese rule in 1945 and Yilan was thereafter installed at county-level, the Yilan City became the county capital and the only township-level city in Yilan. The City houses county-level institutions such as the County Government, County Council, Culture Center, and County Library. During its full 190-year history, the City continued to be the heart of Lanyang Plain in regard to political, economic and cultural affairs.

  Rich in history and cultural resources, Yilan City remains the reputable educational and cultural center. Advancing into a new century, the City not just preserves the abound assets it inherits as a centennial cultural city, but works toward the promise of a modern, humane urban area with the wise use of technology. City residents are the principal entity in our modern city, where public space designs and uses reflect our heritages and lively neighborhoods. We enhance our life quality, and build a cultured, learned and humane urban space in the modern Yilan City.

  Whilst culture accrues by civilization over a long time period, an ideal city emerges from inventive planning and development along with civil engagement and people’s ingenuity. Yilan City accomplishes an amicable and admirable city by bringing about creative practices, consensus, and devotions from local communities. For a beautiful Yilan City to forge ahead, we need mutual rapport between the City Government and City Council as well as earnest dialogue and participation by city residents. We advance toward a “New-Century Yilan City” as we build on our common heritage and vision of future.