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Mayor's Bio

Chiang, Tsung-Yuan

Mayor's Photo
Mayor Chiang was born and bred locally at Yilan City, a native child who grew up and studied at the beloved City, and has worked at the land ever since. He used to observed, as a local councilman and civil servant, that not much had been altered in the past two decades at the City, against the background of rapid growth at neighboring satellite towns such as Jiaoxi or Luodong—the City itself gradually faded out of spotlight, whatsoever the “first son” and reputable center of Lanyang Plain. Mayor Chiang has been contemplating to glitter the cultural city with forward-looking and proactive planning.
Through the beneficent Yilan County Government in recent years, the City now enjoys a famous Jimmy Picturebook Square, a “vascular bundle” ecology project that connect greenbelts, and some other major changes; it is time for us city residents to build up on the changes, and find us an amicable, friendly City. Mayor Chiang proposes a work plan, in the spirit of cooperation with the County, that builds “a livable and likable Yilan City along with the County”; he develops an urban planning theme that would make ”Yilan, click a Like!”, so as to raise the profile of Yilan City and to build the infrastructure that improves living arrangement. He hopes the Yilan City—always the beloved “first son”—is again in the nearest future in the spotlight.


Sin Sheng Elementary School, Yilan Junior High School, Fushin Institute of Technology, National Central University Quality Management Civil Engineer Program, Fo Guang University M.A. in Public Affairs (2007), Tamkang University M.A. in International Business (2012)


  • Jiaoxi Township, Construction Section, Deputy Associate Technical Specialist
  • Legislator Chen, Jin-De (陳金德)’s Yilan Office, Director of Staff
  • Yilan County Council, Councilman (two terms, 16th and 17th); Chief of Staff and Chairman of DPP Caucus
  • Junior Chamber International Taiwan, Chairman (2008) of Yilan Chapter
  • Lin, Tsung-Hsien (林聰賢)’s Yilan Magistrate Election Office, Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Hsu, Nan-Shan (許南山)’s Irrigation Association Chairman Election Office, Chief of Staff
  • Chen, Ou-Po (陳歐珀)’s Legislator Election Office, Chief of Staff